Welcome TutuApp update V2.2.66 for Android Smart Phones.

Hi, my friends. Today TutuApp Team released their new update volume (V2.2.66) for Android Smart Phone Users. TutuApp V2.2.66 has new smart features. They add new bug fixes & increased page loading speed.

Tutuapp is the most popular app store now, You can download Tutuapp ios version for ios 8 to latest ios 12 version running iPhone and iPad devices. No need jailbreak or ios Id to install. Tutuapp apk version is compatible with android 4 and upper OS runing Mobile and Tabs.

Download Tutuapp Latest version 2.2.66 from below driect link,

 Download TutuApp V2.2.66

Click TutuApp V2.2.66 download & download it on your Android device within few seconds.

Update TutuApp to latest version

Follow below video, then you can clearly understand How to update your TutuApp to latest V2.2.66.

Tutuapp ios Free version download for iPhone and iPad

Tutuapp ios free version called Tutuapp Lite, You can download latest popular apps and games totally free from here. It’s compatible with Iphone 5s to latest iPhone Pro 11.  Tutuapp VIP is paid version, It allows to download more apps than free version.

But no need worry about it. Tutuapp Lite library has thousands of free apps and games to download. Tutuapp ios latest version download your iphone and ipad from here, Get it cool features, Enjoy with your favourite apps and games.

Tutuapp Lite latest version download from here.

TutuApp v1.6.4, Latest version downloads/Updates with some bug fixes.

TutuApp is nice Appstore for iOS & Andriod users. It allows to download thousands of new & famous paid & free apps, games, themes, wallpaper without any payment. TutuApp is best cydia alternative appstore for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch Users. Because, you can install it without jailbreak and without Apple ID.

Today TutuApp Team released TutuApp new update for iPhone, iPad, iPod Users, TutuApp v1.6.4 with some bug fixes. Many TutuApp Users complain TutuApp Page loading problems. This is best solution for it. Update Your TutuApp version, before it follows this guide then you can learn how to update it correctly.

Way to download/Update TutuApp V1.6.4

How to Download TutuApp V1.6.4 to iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch.

Click TutuApp Download V1.6.4 to Download it.

How to Update TutuApp early version or V1.6.3 to V1.6.4

  • Click your TutuApp icon then TutuApp V1.6.4 Update message will come for Automatically Update.

Tutuapp v 1.6.4 update

  • If it’s not come, you can do it manually.
  • Go TutuApp Home page then Click TutuApp icon/login icon on upper right corner.

Tutuapp update

  • Then TutuApp login Page will open, Click settings icon on upper right corner.

Tutuapp settings

  • Next Setting Page will open, Click Check For Updates button to Update.

Tutuapp update



  • Then New message will appear for TutuApp Update, Click Update button to continue.

Tutuapp update

  • Then new Message will appear for TutuApp Install, Click Install button to continue.

Tutuapp update

  • Go to Your iOS device Home Screen, then you will see TutuApp installing your device.

Tutuapp Install

  • After downloading successfully, check Your TutuApp version on Settings page Check for Update line.

Tutuapp v1.6.4

  • Now you Updated your TutuApp for V1.6.4. This is best solution for TutuApp error loading page. Enjoy with this new version with new features.

TutuApp Latest version 1.6.3 Download or Update for iPhone, iPad, iPod

TutuApp is great appstore for iOS Users. No need Apple ID & No need Jailbreak to download TutuApp. It allows you to download Thousands of new Apps, Games totally free.

Last week TutuApp released new version for iOS users, TutuApp V 1.6.3. It has new features than early. Follow this guide & download or Update your TutuApp new version correctly.

Tutuapp v 1.6.3


How to Download or Update TutuApp version 1.6.3

Download TutuApp V1.6.3

Click Download TutuApp V1.6.3 to Download it on your iPhone, iPad, iPod.

TutuApp Update to V1.6.3

When you open Your TutuApp on your device, Update message will come automatically for Update Your TutuApp version.

Tutuapp update

  • If it isn’t come, you can do it manually.


  • Click TutuApp icon on TutuApp Home page upper left corner.


  • Then TutuApp Login Page will open, Click settings icon on upper right corner.

Tutuapp settings



  • Then Click Check for Updates & You can check your TutuApp Version there.

Tutuapp update

  • Then new message will come to Update your TutuApp, Click Update Button to continue.

Tutuapp update


  • Next new box will appear for install TutuApp V1.6.3, Click Install Button to continue.

Tutuapp Install

  • Go to your Home screen you will see TutuApp V1.6.3 Installing on your iOS device.

Tutuapp Install

  • After installing, Click TutuApp new version icon  then download Apps, Games with new features