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An online trading platform cannot be an alien concept for those who are engaged in the field of finance. On the contrary, other folks with no such background may find it both disorienting and intriguing. Bearing in the mind the two parties formerly stated, we hope to provide a concise explanation of what an online trading platform is, and then we reveal a broker app that you can use to conduct trade deals effectively.


This post aims to provide some trade knowledge and also the means to interact with the financial market via the broker app. Without further ado, let’s get some insights into trading in the financial market and then get familiar with the app we are going to use.

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The financial market, as you know, is an extremely unpredictable and precarious groundupon which diverse participants transact with a lot of monetary risks. The risk of losing investment can occur in the slightest lapse of a certain financial decision.

Thus losing in the market is more pronounced than gaining. The field of financial market incorporates various institutions and personnel. Such constituents are Banks, Primary Dealers, Stock Exchange, brokers, buyers, and sellers. They engage in trading currencies, stocks, bonds, commodities, derivatives and others. This is the broad scope of trading in the fabric of the financial market.

The substance of this article may help you to channel your trading wits on a new system and discover all fresh wealth-generation trade schemes. Firstly, keep in mind that here we focus on computer-mediated trading. It is different from conventional procedures like floor trading using methods of open outcry and telephone-based trading.

In a traditional context of trading buyers, sellers, and brokers happen to physically interact with each other to perform all the transactions. However, an online trading platform doesn’t entertain such interactions as its purpose is to facilitate the users with virtual and remote access to all sorts of trading sources.

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PlympTrade App

Now you don’t need to travel anywhere and make trade arrangements. Say you want to buy some shares of a company then you can connect with the desired company via the Broker app. Simply, The app is the broker or the intermediary which binds the buyer and seller together. Take another circumstance, you want to exchange currencies; buy or sell the type of your currency with another one, you can carry this out when you log in to the app.

You may doubt the legal implications of such transaction processes because you are used to a different system of trading. For your knowledge, these broker apps are licensed and authorized by reputed financial regulatory agencies. One example is CYSEC(The Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission) which complies with the European MiFID financial harmonization law. Because of such recognition, you are safe dealing with them.

Online trading apps are versatile in the sense that they include a plethora of tools. These can be technical analysis utilities to analyze the financial market developments. They examine and predict price movements by using historical price charts and market statistics.

It relies on the idea that if a trader can recognize previous market patterns, they can form a fairly accurate prediction of future price trajectories. Online trading platforms contain inbuilt tools to support these predictions. These tools can be indicators such as ADX, ATR, Alligator, Awesome Oscillator, Bollinger bands, CCI, Moving Average, and RSI, etc.

These platforms also contain space for news related to the events of the financial market. A market analysis is essential to know which way a certain asset is going: the direction can be upwards or downwards. In trading jargon, this is the bullish or bearish tendency of the market.

It is time now to talk about the broker app which was mentioned earlier. The name of the app is Olymptrade. Pretty high sounding name, right?  But it deserves the name as it one of the most popular trading apps which have been able to establish a unique reputation within a short period.

It is a quick and easy-to-use tool for the financial market. Over 700000 users all over the world trade online with the app every day. Olymptrade app implements a trade education program that covers the aspects of investing and making the most on the price movement of the market online, calculating all possible risks.

First download the OlympTrade app from Tutuapp AppStore. Then the registration on Olymptrade to trade is quite easy when you create an account or login with other accounts such as Facebook, Google or Russian VK you are provided 10,000 demo credits, interactive charts, and a variety of technical indicators all of which you can use to practice trading or perform realistic transactions.

You can train to trade, gain insight, experience both profit and loss, experiment with the indicators and other tools, customize and personalize the way you want to trade, rehearse whatever trading strategy to validate its stability, read all trade resource information in-app.

Olymptrade fully helps you comprehend the platform inside out before you trade with real money. You can use demo-credits to learn and earn experience before you turn to trade your deposit. Downloading this app can’t hurt you as it demands no investment upfront. Even trading on the demo account is a productive learning experience.

Olymptrade implements state-of-art trading algorithms and delivers fast order execution, real-time prices, and accurate trading signals to help you invest effectively. The app is developed in every possible way to be compatible with your investing needs. From your end, you only have to perform a few tasks to initiate trading: Install the app, sign up, and access the realm of training. The reliability of the Olymptrade broker app is guaranteed.

Olymptrade is a fully regulated trading platform, therefore, you can trust the technology, analyze the market, predict its ups and downs, and invest online. Invest only after you have the confidence to do so. We highly advise you to go through the guidelines and tutorials found in the app, and you may also gain knowledge from external sources; such as binary options, forex, stock purchase guide, using indicators to get trend updates.

Use the Olymptrade app to choose an asset when you are ready and invest in it based on your upward or downward prediction. You will also find the user interface of Olymptrade to be friendly, and it is capable of delivering you the best navigation possible.

Pick an asset, evaluate the charts, fix your trade time and the direction of price movement and enjoy your trading time with Olymptrade. You can manipulate your investing portfolio and manage risks with stop and limit conditions. Once you feel that your forecast is inaccurate and the price trend is going the opposite direction, you can call it off and save a fraction of your trade amount (Depends on the way you have imposed stop-loss orders)

Olymptrade provides the kind of transparency which is absent in most other trading platforms. Here you can investigate or inspect the whole system and test its functionality, explore various assets, and sharpen your trading strategies and tactics. First, you can try without investing from your own pocket by using demo-credit.

Then once you have the confidence you can invest real money. Investing is a simple process, you are offered multiple deposit methods for your convenience. For example, bank cards such as Visa and Master Card or Electronic payment methods such as Skrill, Neteller, WebMoney, Astropay, bitcoin.

Olymptrade serves you with 24/7 support, you can use chat service, email, or voice call to ask all your questions and get a prompt response from the specialists. The support team of Olymptrade has prioritized customer support. Client support can be one of the most difficult aspects of any service or product-centered system.

These platforms are rated against such criteria and most broker platforms fall short of providing ideal customer support. In this case, Olymptrade is responsive to the trade needs of the client. The dozen of contact facilities is a prime witness to their versatility. We communicated to ascertain how efficient this system is and we got appreciable responses from them. You get customized solutions for your trade needs.

Apart from the aforementioned dedicated assistance, through Olymptrade you are free to reach the online academy of trading, comprehensive webinars on trading strategies and signals, educational materials on trends and trend trading, and latest investing analytics to help you improve your skills and earn money online.

Considering all these benefits Olymptrade is an app you should not brush aside because of your doubts or fears about online trading. It is better to try and see for yourself before you jump into conclusions. Trying Olymptrade won’t hurt you financially because you can always have demo-credits or fake money to practice with.


Trading in the financial market always carries a risk and no one can deny that. However, you can manage the risk with knowledge and experience. With Olymptrade, you are given all the opportunities to learn before earn. It may be like learning to swim, you need to train from scratch before you go deep.

If the financial market is a great swimming pool, you need to train yourself not to get drown in it. Trading is not gambling. Unfortunately, the people who come to trade with a gambling mentality generates huge losses because of their erratic and reckless trading activities. These are the same people who criticize online trading as a losers’ course or a losers’ game.

Ignorance and incompetence can’t achieve financial success. If you are one with a gambling mentality, we advise you to lose it before trying Olymptrade. We bear no responsibility in the event of a financial loss incurred in your trading with Olymptrade. If you can abide by the rules of trading we believe you can succeed. Please click the link above to download the full mobile version of the Olymptrade app.

Cross DJ Pro

Cross DJ pro

Download APK Full Version for Android Mobiles and Tabs

Cross DJ Pro is the full version of Cross DJ Free music app which is downloaded by millions of music lovers worldwide. The app is designed to harmonize different music tracks in perfect sync on a potent audio engine. The app is developed by Mixvibes, a forerunner in DJing for 15 years.

Cross DJ Pro Download

Cross DJ Pro

Tutuapp APK Download

Tutuapp apk

Here we bring you the full version of Cross DJ app with all fixes included and additional features unlocked. This modded version permits you to experience all premium content without any in-app purchases. Cross DJ pro mod doesn’t contain pop-up ads unlike the free version, which can be very intrusive and annoying.

Cross DJ Pros Screenshots

cross dj pro

*** Due to Copyright issues, recording mixes with streamed tracks from SoundCloud is not possible***

The following are some of the commendations Cross DJ app has received from reputed sources.

“Cool piece of work”(DJ Mag)

“An impressive app”(The Guardian)

“Challenging our notions of what can be done on a touchscreen”(Android Police)

“Good looks, great sounding FX, great sync engine,

‘Slip’ mode, proper loops and cues” ( DJTechtools)

// Blend music in perfect sync

  • Cross Dj is capable of detecting BPM of your music with down to the last decimal precision.
  • Ableton Link: Remixlive, Ableton live and Link-compatible apps can be synchronized with Cross Dj.
  • Sync consistency – one-press and the dual tracks never run out of phase.
  • Quantize mode – hot cues & loops are automatically set on the beat.
  • Modifiable/Customizable, manual pitch variation (4 to 100%).
  • Progressive, manual pitch-bending.
  • View of the waveform –Parallel waveforms for pitch-bending.
  • Meticulous beat-grid editing- create any track to sync properly.
  • Audio Splitter – using this tool you can listen to music tracks prior to mixing them.
  • Automix – Cross DJ blends your tracks and execute music automatically, from any source(Playlist, album, etc).

//Top-Notch Audio Performance

  • High realism- Authentic scratch sound – as on real turntables.
  • Fast response time – App facilitates you with instant reaction time to all your actions.
  • Audio FX – High and Low-Pass, Echo, Delay, Flanger, Chopper, Roll, Phaser, Brake and much more.
  • Loops(16 to 1/32), slip loops, 16 large hot cues pads.
  • Sampler – 72 types of samples, linked to the main player.
  • You can record and play your own samples.
  • Record your mix and share it on social and cloud platforms like Facebook, Twitter, SoundCloud, Mixcloud, etc.
  • Keylock Mode – you are able to alter BPM with no impact on the tone.
  • Key Detection – search the key of the songs and recognize which tracks go well together.
  • Autogain:  Auto equalizing the levels of 2 tracks+ Autosync.
  • External Mixer: Control EQs and crossfader with hardware mixers.
  • Compatible MIDI Controllers: Pioneer DDJ-SB & DDJ-WeGO2, U-Mix Control 1&2, U-Mix Control Pro 1&2, Gemini Mix2Go. MIDI control is now compatible with Android M.
  • For devices running on Android Marshmallow, Multichannel Audio is available.

//Intuitive Interface

  • Cross DJ app complies with industry-standard DJ setup by presenting 2 decks, crossfader, Cue/Play/Sync buttons.
  • 3-band mixer is available with DJM EQ preset.
  • Individual tabs – move to display different panels on each side.
  • Mix SoundCloud – Discover, Play, and mix all SoundCloud(require a SoundCloud Go + account).
  • Large waveform view – Scratch and view music + set cue accurately.
  • Dig deep into your music library by title, artist, album, BPM or length.
  • Play MP3, AAC, FLAC, & More.
  • Navigate by folder.
  • Portrait mode – big single player.
  • Deck’s color can be changed to blue, orange, red, yellow, green, purple and pink.
  • Large Pads and Controls.
  • Enhanced for mobile and tablets.
  • Enhances for intel processors.

Minimum Compatibility Requirements

  • Android 4.4
  • 4” screen
  • RAM – 2GB
  • Dual-Core processor

Please feel free to contact us via this site for any query regarding this app, we are happy to answer your questions as soon as possible. Tutuapp latest version download from here and get Cross DJ Pro app latest version and many cool apps and games free.

MediaBox HD Download

mediabox hd

Latest version download Free for iOS, Android, Windows PC, Mac, Apple TV & Android TV

If you are looking for an app that can provide you access to thousands of movies and TV shows plus many other additional features free of charge, then you have come to the right place. Here we exclusively talk about the Movie and TV show app ‘MediaBox HD’ and you can download the file right from our servers. Let’s introduce Mediabox HD with a few words. Mediabox HD is a movie and TV series app that you can use to access all kinds of movies and shows available on media these days.

MediaBox HD Download

mediabox hd

MediaBox HD APK Download


MediaBox HD iOS Download

Moviebox Pro Download

moviebox pro
moviebox pro

Mediabox HD allows you to stream videos online and also to download them through direct links. Clean and Clear interface of the app combined with butter like smooth navigation in the app entices you to an immersive viewing experience. MediaBox HD contains minimal advertising intrusion, unlike some other apps that spoil user experience with tons of annoying ads. Mediabox HD platform is constantly updated to meet the ever-increasing demands of users like you who want to experience the best of the best.

The app also has a movie request section that you can use to get movies or shows currently unavailable.Mediabox HD also offers a premium subscription consisting of advanced features that are not available for free users. Through the premium service you are able to get priority attention for your media request, ad-free viewing, and lightning-fast viewing through dedicated servers, and also support for multiple devices. In this post, we bring you the download and installation steps of the Mediabox HD app for both android and IOS devices. Keep on reading to know everything regarding the MediaBox HD app.

MediaBox HD Features

  • Access tons of movies and shows through direct links, No torrent streaming(peer to peer).
  • Mediabox frequently scans for the best streaming links from most important sites.
  • Discover trending movies/shows, Old movies/shows.
  • Compatible with Chromecast, Roku, FireTv, Smart-Tv, Wifi-sharing.
  • TRAKT sync.
  • Real-Debrid compatible.
  • Offline viewing is supported. Download in background.
  • Works with the Files app.
  • VLC compatible.
  • Mediabox Supports integration of subtitles from sources like open subtitles, popcorn-time, subscene, mediabox hd.
  • Themes can be customized to suit your taste.
  • There is a separate section for requesting movies.
  • You can help improve the app by providing feedback about any problems you are having, we update the app ASAP.

How to Download and Install MediaBox HD for Android

Mediabox HD works on android versions 4.4+ or above

  1. Download the apk file for MediaBox HD for Android from here.
  2. Make sure that the unknown source option is enabled in security settings of your device settings > Security > enable Unknown sources.
  3. Locate where you have downloaded the apk file and click on it.
  4. Follow the instructions of the install wizard.
  5. Once the app is installed and scanned by your device you can safely open the app.
  6. Now you can enjoy thousands of free movies and shows.

How to download and Install MediaBox HD for iOS

Mediabox HD for iOS is compatible with any Apple device running any ios version. There is no need for any special registration or apple ID validation. You can download the ios file from the given link and install it as a third-party app. Follow the below steps to get Mediabox on your device.

  1. Download Mediabox HD app for iOS from here(Tested for security vulnerabilities).
  2. Proceed to install the downloaded program. Tap install when installation message prompts.
  3. MediaBox HD app logo will be visible on your Home screen.
  4. Visit settings > General > Device Management .
  5. Go to the newly installed Enterprise app and establish trust.
  6. Now you can run the Mediabox HD ios app.


Mediabox HD app is an excellent choice for anyone who is looking for an alternative to services such as Netflix or Hulu. It lets you access and enjoy thousands of movies and shows free of charge. Direct streams and download capability tempt you to try the app. Mediabox HD also consists of a media request section that permits you to appeal for unavailable movies and shows.

The premium subscription removes ads and prioritizes your presence in the MediaBox HD community. You are able to enjoy some exclusive services for a few bucks and it is indeed cost-effective. We urge you to try Mediabox HD once and we promise you will not regret it.