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Tutuapp Youtube++ downloader Latest Version Free Download For ios 6 to Latest ios 12 Running iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

When users need to download YouTube videos like 720p,1080p,4K and 8K For any Smartphone devices the best way is prefer to use YouTube Downloader software.Then you can download YouTube videos online without taking any extra space.TutuApp YouTube Downloader is the most powerful software which can download any video resolution with converting them into different formats.There are lots of functions here to make TutuApp YouTube Downloader stand out in online YouTube Downloaders.

YouTube downloader

YouTube is constantly adjusting and updating its functionalities.So first thing you need a flexible app which can bear any changes with latest technology.It let you save videos from the world’s biggest video hosting site and to watch offline later whatever you want.


Tutuapp YouTube++ downloader : Download

You can share them too via other social media.Auto full screen,auto hide navigation bar,user friendly interface,best organization,HD/SD/Audio download format and car-play supported make it as the greatest YouTube video downloader without any doubt.You can add many videos into download queue and capture high quality screenshots of YouTube videos.

When you want to save HD videos from YouTube fast and safely,You can rely on TutuApp YouTube DL.It is perfect solution for downloading videos,extract audio tracks,convert them and organize them in a nice looking collection.This Tutuapp YouTube Downloader offers numerous different functions which can be great alternative to others.Even slow internet connection you can set the videos into download and ready to enjoy in another time.This simple quick app is always highly customizable with adds free.

Tutuapp TikTok Musical App download


Tutuapp TikTok Entertainment Free Musical App download

Tutuapp TikTok is one of the most popular social networking app that allows users to create musical clips and short video clips up to sixty second and all of them can share with the public. Tutuapp TikTok was the top mobile entertainment app of both apple and android devices. This was the most downloaded in recent time. This great video sharing platform’s videos can be no longer than fifteen seconds and they based on various themes, music, cooking, travel, dance, fashion and many things.

Tutuapp TikTok

Download Tutuapp Latest version for iOS and Android from here.

Tutuapp iOS

Tutuapp Android

How To download Tutuapp TikTok

  1. Download Tutuapp latest version for your iOS and Android from above download links.
  2. iOS users – Go settings > General > Profile and Device Mangement > Select Tutuapp profile > Verify > Trust.
  3. Android users – Go settings > Enable Unknown Source install.
  4. Open Tutuapp > Search Tik Tok app in serch Tab.
  5. Download It Free to your iOS and Android device.

Tutuapp TikTok users can create these short videos by using its simple tools with adding music and special effects. You also can share them on the site. The most popular clips are high on entertainment value with premium on instant gratification. You can earn money on TikTok. It has exploded in popularity and the amount of eyes on this platform is insane.

When you start getting traffic to your TikTok you can include your website or post ads within the app. You have opportunity to identify friends all over the world by using TikTok. Invite friends, find contact and combination with other social network is very easy. Share your profile and message with new besties or if you don’t need that report or block them with TikTok icons. No words to explain about TikTok videos and graphics quality. The best effect from TikTok make you most beautiful person in the world, however your natural physical appearance. Users can challenge with friends lives on in the TikTok app also.

Tutuapp TikTok platform is the perfect storm for any smartphone user if you know how to get entertainment or ethically exploit. With brand deals, selling your own stuff, cross promoting your other social media accounts and many other ways you can make quite a bit of money from this great entertainment Tutu app application. TikTok provide great entertainment service and help to pass time with funny and relax. This world’s fastest growing app has become indispensable thing in little time period. If you start to use it nothing can stop that TikTok become a part of your life.

TutuApp Deezer++ Music Free Download For Music Lovers.


Tutuapp Deezer++ Music app free download for iOS, Android and windows.

We have all heard lot of musical apps and deciding which one is best for us. But have you ever heard of Tutuapp Deezer. Actually it is difficult task while there are many of music streaming services around and chooses a one among them. Everyone would like to get advantages as much as they can, so anything can provide proper higher service not a surprise anyone approaches it. Deezer is actually good enough to compete with any types of musical app. Deezer has three account types known as Discovery, Premium and Elite. Discovery is the basic free account.

Tutuapp Deezer++

Tutuapp latest version download

Tutuapp android

Tutuapp ios

Tutuapp windows

How to download Tutuapp Deezer++

  1. Download and install Tutuapp latest version for iOS, Android and Windows from above direct link.
  2. iOS users – Go Settings > General > profile and device management > Select Tutuapp profile > verify > Trust
  3. Android users – Go settings > enable unknown source install.
  4. Search Deezer ++ on Tutuapp searching bar and install it on your device.

Deezer musical app provides its service without limitation. No periodic audio ads between songs, best audio quality and any songs can skips as you wish. Tutuapp Deezer is always gives first place for the users comfortable. That’s why it became the top stage of the popularity. Huge public playlists are available for Deezer music library and these songs can be filtered according to various types of genres. This always helpful to save time while selecting users favorites.

Dynamically generated sequence of songs and mix of songs based on your taste, this is known as Deezer Flow-streaming mode. That is a special feature which can learn your personal taste and without asking Deezer can provide what you need. Moods are basically playlists that are categorized by how they make you feel rather than teir genres. Tutuapp Deezer is daily updating with new releases. Offline playback feature also here for usage. Download songs to your device and can play them from anywhere at any time. Quality of the audio, five band equalizer, casting, lyrics and app extensions enhance the value of Deezer and its performance.

There is no any other competitor to Deezer. Tutuapp Deezer is also available on Ios, Android, windows and blackberry mobile devices. This is probably how you will spend most of your time listening to Deezer music. It’s good thing. Music is a cure for the mental and physical illness also. There are so many different ways to listen to your favorite music and discover new ones. So, whether you’re just joining the streaming revolution or looking to switch service TuTu Deezer is the best for you.

iFishing Saltwater Edition New Version Free Download For ios Devices

iFishing Saltwater new Edition

iFishing Saltwater Edition New Version Free Download For iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch Devices

iFishing SE an engaging game that revolves around basic fishing and drive boat skills while alone on a sea. Not only can the user catch fishes but they have to use provided instruments and even choose a place for fishing by riding their boat north to south and west to east. A very fun game that is easy to learn can install via TutuApp ios store.

i Fishing Saltwater Edition

This tutuapp ios game is suitable for player of all ages. As a new game platform there still haven’t found any bugs present. This is meant TutuApp ios store may be a third-party app store but providing best quality applications for the users.

How To Download i Fishing Saltwater Edition

  1. Download  and Install Tutuapp iOS latest version on your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch device.
  2. Search i Fishing Saltwater Edition on Tutuapp games page searching bar.
  3. Click install button to install it.
  4. Go settings > General > profiles and device managment > Select ifishing game profile > verify > Trust.
  5. Now you can Play Ifishing Saltwater New Edition,  Enjoy ………..

This fishing game really put players in the sea fishing action and giving experience as the real world. HD graphics and natural sound tracks will enhance the game state of nature. This tutuapp ios game design for as a single player or multiplayer game mode.So users can have experience the thrill of fishing and hone their skills even when they are on deep sea. iFishing SE belongs to the category sports and hobby games.

It available in English language and compatible for iPhone, iPad. With the latest ios version it will work with its best and requires ios version 8.0 or later. Ten different environments are here to play including seas and lakes. There are many different saltwater fish species to discover and catch. This fishes have been imbued with behaviors influenced by advanced artificial intelligence.

So exciting fish fights and even see them jump over the water. iPhone accelerometer, fish finder, varies types of lures and places will help you to catch big and small fishes such as bluefin tuna, sharks, marlin, mackerel and many other types. Audible advice and encouragement will give you throughout the competition.

This TutuApp ios fishing game is made for the people who really enjoy fishing in the first place because it will test your patience. Commercial ads free game and power ups to make the catching easier. As an fishing lover this iFishing SE game will be a positive experience who hasn’t time to perform in this busy world.

Tutuapp Popcorn Time downlod for Free

Download Tutuapp PopcornTime latest version Free for iOS and Android devices from Tutuapp

Tutuapp Popcorn Time is free software made for streaming videos and movies. It is a multi-platform, open source Bit torrent client that also includes a slick media player. It uses sequential downloading and uploading to play films in its media player. This app is the result of many developers and designers putting a bunch of APIs together to improve the experience of watching torrent movies easily.

Tutuapp Popcorn Time

Download  Popcorn Time free from Tutuapp 

It is a free program for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android that acts as a sort of pirate of Netflix. Users get a beautiful, ad-free interface for browsing latest releases of movies and TV shows and can watch them on demand with just one click, whether it’s not necessarily a safe application. You can download this app from an appstore like tutuapp.

Tutuapp is a freeware which is available in two different versions as tutuapp Helper and tutuapp VIP. TutuApp Helper is the free version and it has limited features, while TutuApp VIP is the paid version with many more features. Neither of these two versions requires rooting to install on android devices or jailbreak to install on iOS devices.

This app has a friendly and simple user interface which makes it easy to work. It also has a special feature of updating its content regularly and you don’t want to do it manually. Tutuapp is most popular because it is easy to download most popular movie apps like ShowBox, music apps like Spotify, popular games like Pokemon Go and social apps like Snapchat totally free with tutuapp.

Blackplayer EX APK – the best latest free MP3 Player for Android

BlackPlayer ex

BlackPlayer EX latest free MP3 player downlod for Android smart devices from Tutuapp APK Appstore

If you are a music lover and want to enjoy real music the best option for it is getting BlackPlayer EX APK mp3 player for your android phone. Itis different from other music players with all great features. This app is created and developed by ‘Fifth Source’ for android devices. It is an Ad-Free music player so you can enjoy online music or download and enjoy later offline your favorite music as you like. It can play all kinds of music format and easy to use. Blackplayer EX latest version can download From Tutuapp appstore easily. Follow this post and download it with a few clicks to your android.

BlackPlayer EX

This app has an elegant user interface with ten different colors to select.  BlackPlayer EX APK can play locally stored music files as mp3, flac and wav or can download and stored music in genre. It has built in equalizer with a range of functions. It also has some special functions as gapless playback, tag editor, lyrics viewing; sleep timer, 3 widgets, interchangeable fonts and themes etc.

BlackPlayer EX latest version free download for Android devices

BlackPlayer ex

BlackPlayer EX MP3 Player


  1. BlackPlayer EX apk download steps.
  2. First Tutuapp Download Apk Appstore on your Android device from here.
  3. Next install downloaded Tutuapp Apk file to your Android.
  4. Then Click Above BlackPlatr EX direct download link to download it.

This amazing music app is available in tutuapp appstore for you to download. TutuApp is one of the latest and most efficient appstores that compatible with iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, Android smart phones and PCs. There are two versions of tutuapp: TutuApp helper and TutuApp VIP. TutuApp helper is totally free and allows you download any app while TutuApp VIP, the paid version helps you to secure your connection and downloads as many apps as you wish totally free. You don’t need to root your android phone to download tutuapp appstore with hundreds of free apps including BlackPlayer.

Tutuapp April Updates

tutuapp april updates

Tutu app update – April Update Games

tutu app update

Tututapp is the world famous app downloading appstore today. Tutuapp gives  thousands of latest free apps MOD apps, hacks & cracks for iOS & Android users. Tutuapp  is  growing it appstore  rapidly  day by day.Follow here and get Tutu app update apps and games free for your iOS and android.

Tutuapp has two versions Tutuapp helper free version & Tutuapp VIP paid version. Tutuapp is compatible with all android smart devices & iOS 6 to Latest iOS 11 versions. Tutu app update it version with new features.

Tutuapp is the best Cydia alternative appstore for iPhone, iPad users. Tutuapp iOS version is compatible with iOS 6 to latest iOS 11 versions. It gives Cydia apps, Google paid apps totally free for iOS users.

Tutuapp APK is essential appstore for Android users. Tutuapp android version allows you to download thousands of latest handy apps & games totally free. It also gives Cydia apps, Google apps, MOD iOS apps, Crack & hacks totally free for Android users.

tutuapp april updates

Follow this article & find your favorite April Update Games. Download it on your android device directly from here.

Crash of Cars MOD Coins

This is REAL – TIME MULTIPLAYER Game. Collect your Crowns & Destroy your enemy players. Steal their crowns & become a leader. Play this game with your friends & get real fun.

Cras of cars

Crash of Cars


Cover Fire MODunlimited money

Kill all terrorist & win wore. You can Shooting as a Commando & Sniper missions. This is real war experience shooting game.

Cover Fire

Cover Fire


City Island 4: MOD unlimited

Build your City with this free building game. You can Place your buildings & decorations strategically. You can learn how to manage big cities from here.

City Island

City Island

Hungry Dragon MODUnlimited Money.

Control your ferocious Dragons with your fingers. Control their Flying, Burning & devouring. Destroy Villagers, forests, caves, mines & devour more & birds, spiders, sheep & more.

Hungry Dragon

Hungry Dragon

League of Stickman 2018 MOD, Free

This is most exciting action game for you. Crush the enemy & beat them all. You will have the best combat experience you ever had.

League of Stickman 2018

League of Stickman 2018

Super Mario Run

This is New version of Mario game for you.  You can play with one hand. Runs your Mario Forward & taps to pull off stylish jumps, midair spins & wall jumps to collect coins & reach the goal.

Super Mario

Super Mario

Score! Hero MOD

This is super Football game. Control the action, spilt defense with precise through balls or bend shots into the top corner.

Score hero

Score hero

Zombie Tsunami MOD

Attack the city & change pedestrians into zombies & create the largest horde.

Zombie Tsunami MOD

Zombie Squad MOD Unlimited Money

Drive your way through a Zombie, Fire your guns & kill them all in your path.

Zombie Squad MOD Unlimited Money

Zombie Squad MOD Unlimited Money

Bus Rush MOD unlimited coins.

Run along the craziest scenarios in the Bus Rush City, Runs around the Bush Rush City, subway, forest & beach & gather all the coins you can.

Bus Rush

Bus RushYou can download these all handy games from Tutuapp appstore. Download Tutu app android latest v 3.0.1 from here.

Top 10 Google Play Selected applications free download from Tutuapp

Tutuapp selected google apps

Tutuapp apps – selected top 10 Google play APK apps free download

Tutuapp is one of the best & biggest appstore for android users.  Here you can download thousands of handy tutuapp apps, games, themes, wallpapers totally free. Tutu specially gives MOD iOS apps, Cydia apps for android devices. Here also you have to download video apps collections specially MovieBox , music apps collections, drawing apps collections, handy games collections totally free. Today we give you Top 10 Google play apps collection free for all android users. Follow this article & download cool Google play apps from here.

Tutuapp apps


Factune is nice selfie Photo editing & Portrait application. This tool helps you to edit your Selfies perfectly. Here you can easily remove blemishes & dark spots or add natural makeup to your selfie. Here especially you can use teeth whitening tool to get clean white effect for your teeth.


Facetune can do….

  • Teeth whitening
  • Rejuvenate your skin.
  • Brighten dark spots especially under your eyes.
  • Remove pimples, blemishes & scars.
  • Change your eye color.
  • Remove red & white eye effects
  • Change hair color.
  • Reshape your face, nose, brows.
  • Totally change your face like alien or other you like shape
  • Change your lips color.
  • Get art effects for your photos
  • Can SHOW OFF specific areas.

Here I mention  some tools. Facetune have more tools to change your original photo to perfect one. Download Facetune from Tutuapp appstore or directly from our download link.



  • Tasker  can total Automation your android device settings.
  • It can Triggers – App, Time, Day, Location, Event, Shortcut, Widget, Timer & Plugins.
  • Design your own screen overlays.
  • Create your own apps.

This is cool apps for your android smart device. Download Tasker on tutuapp appstore or our direct download link.

Pocket Casts.

Pocket CastsThis is great Podcast app for android devices. It has lot of handy features. Download Pocket Casts on Tutuapp apstore or our direct download link.

Tutuapp selected top 10 Google play APK apps

free download from here… 

Tutuapp selected top 10 google apps

Unzip this Zip file using winzip or winrar

Torque Pro (OBD 2 & Car)


Troque is a doctor for Cars. Torque is a vehicle performance / diagnostics tool & Scanner.  It has more tools to diagnose your car fault. This is really Cool app for you. Download Torque & connect it with your car then you can understand how much value this app for you. Download Troque from Tutuapp appstore or download it directly from our direct download link.

Scanner Radio Pro

Scanner Radio

Here you can listen Live audio from over 6.300 Police & Fire scanners & amateur radio repeaters from around the world.  Download Scanner Radio Pro from Tutuapp or our direct download link.

My Talking Pet.

  • Take a photo of your Pet or download pets images on the web,
  • Then add it on My talking pet.
  • Mark pet eyes, Moth & chin
  • Click record button
  • Tell something or play piece of music.
  • Stop recording & Play it & save it on your Android.

This is real fun app. Download My Talking Pet from Tutuapp or our direct download link.

Tutuapp Latest version directly downloads from here.


Download Cydia Apps Collection from TutuApp.

Tutuapp Cydia apps collection free download

TutuApp gives you to download Great Cydia apps collection for your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch.

Now you can download these cydia apps totally free from tutuapp.

  • Go TutuApp Home page
  • Select Cydia app collection
  • You can download cydia apps from there.

If you want more cydia apps get TutuApp VIP version.

Then you can download more Cydia apps & other apps easily.

Download TutuApp Free version from here….

tutuapp Free

Download TutuApp VIP version from here…

tutuapp VIP